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FDA – 21 CFR
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Vitrification is a technology followed worldwide for freezing of eggs and embryos cryopreservation as well. Cryomatrix is open carrier device which gels well into any media and is a comfortable partner in vitrification process of Human or Animal IVF labs and in research centers.

Cryomatrix is made from medical grade polystyrene materials which meets ISO 1133/ISO 527/ISO 306 & IEC – 60695-11-10, for its physical, mechanical and thermal properties. This material is certified for FDA – 21 CFR & is compliant with USP CLASS VI and ISO 10993.

CRYOMATRIX Usage & Design

Usage :

Cryomatrix is open system device that is used for cryopreservation of embryos, blastocysts & Oocytes for human or animal as well as researcharch.

Design :
The loading area is curved for easy and safe loading & unloading of specimen. All parts are made from same medical grade material so that the cap & body possess the same coefficient of expansion & ensures perfect fitting between them during cryopreservation.
The cap is cylindrical and flushes with cylindrical portion of the body which helps in locking and unlocking quite simpler and faster.
The notch is provided at the end of the body, helping in identifying the tip side , while removing from the goblet.


  • It is manufactured in complete clean room - ensuring product is free from Human DNA, RNA free, DNA free and Endotoxin free.
  • It is manufactured under quality ISO 13485:2016 standard.
  • It is individually packed gamma radiation sterilized to ensure sterility of the product.
  • It has a curved shaped tip to enhance safe and easy loading/ unloading of specimen.
  • It is designed in such a way that it has no buoyancy effect and sinks in LN easily.
  • It is subjected to MEA and Endotoxin study -- batch to batch in well-known certified lab in USA.
  • It has been designed to provide catchment area for forceps for smooth locking and unlocking of device.
  • The curved shaped tip ensures the specimens are safe during locking and unlocking of the device. It is available is 6 different trans lucid colors: pack of 10 units per box.

About Us

Cryobiomatrix LLC , designs and produces medical devices for laboratory use on human and animal IVF research.

Cryobiomatrix LLC focuses on the quality and performance of its products and
ensures safe and easy use for its customers.


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